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Keep your residential plumbing in the best condition possible with our plumbing and home repair. Get timely maintenance and repairs done before potential problems occur.

The Importance of Home Repairs

Any plumber in Kyle, TX would tell you that even the most minor plumbing problem can lead to expensive damage. Sure, you can fix some, if not all, of these small problems with a bit of DIY. But calling up our plumber in Kyle, TX would be the better option if you want professional assistance.

The Goal of Home Repair Service

The goal of our Texas plumbing company is simple - we want to give you financial security when it concerns your plumbing. Our service will protect any investments made to your home’s waterworks, making sure you won’t end up paying costly repairs and remodeling down the line. Many homeowners underestimate the amount of damage a simple leak can do to your home. Constant drops of water can lead to stained walls or mold-covered ceilings. Materials that are not water-resistant can weaken as these become waterlogged over time. If left alone, what could have been prevented with a simple Kyle plumbing must now be solved with a complete repair or remodel. Always consider calling Aloha Home & Commercial Services LLC when you need help with your home repairs.

What We Offer for Home Repairs

Our home repair service covers a plethora of needs. We can also assist with installing various appliances such as water heaters. Below are some of the actions we can do for your home.

Water Main Install and Repair

Keep your incoming water supply flowing without interruption. We install water mains for new homes and repair damaged ones.

Sewer Main Install and Repair

Keep your outgoing used water, chemicals, and waste flowing out and away from your home without trouble or interruption.

Water Heater Install and Repair

We can install and repair all kinds of water heaters favored by today’s households, including tankless water heaters.

Water Treatment/Purification Install

Our Kyle plumbing company can install a water treatment or purification system to clean your water as it enters your home.

Clear Drain Clogs and Blockages

Inconvenient if not troubling, clogs and blockages can lead to water flowing back into your home when you least suspect it.

Fixtures and Pipe Repair

We can install, replace, or repair fixtures and pipes as soon as you need them. These include faucets, sinks, and toilets.

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